Tinnitus Sound Therapy Devices

Watch the videos below to learn more about tinnitus and some of the the sound therapy solutions that are available to provide relief from your tinnitus symptoms by masking your tinnitus, taking your focus off of it, and helping you relax in order to manage your tinnitus.

* Applicable to new patients 18 years of age or older.

Widex Zen

Dr. Robert Sweetow, Ph.D. from University of California, San Francisco, is a respected authority on tinnitus with 30 years’ experience in treating the condition. He discusses the Widex Zen tinnitus sound therapy device.

Resound Relief App

The Resound Relief app is available as a free download on your smart phone and can be used by anyone, whether they wear hearing aids/devices or not. The app is loaded with features to help you manage your tinnitus symptoms, and ease the discomfort or stress that tinnitus often brings. The ReSound Relief app offers a combination of tinnitus sound therapy, relaxing exercises, meditation, and guidance, available on your phone whenever you need it. Watch the video above for more information about the ReSound Relief tinnitus sound therapy app.

Starkey Multiplex Tinnitus Sound Therapy Technology

Tinnitus affects each person differently, from what it sounds like to when it’s most annoying to how debilitating it can be. Our new tinnitus treatment solution tackles the individual nature of tinnitus head on, and is designed to deliver the one thing everybody wants…relief. Let’s take a look at how our tinnitus hearing professionals can customize relief just for you with a tinnitus sound therapy device. The first step is a tinnitus assessment with your hearing professional. During this important step they will ask you questions to help assess the impact tinnitus has on your life. Next, a hearing test will be performed. This is critical as it precisely measures your hearing and can rule out any medical conditions. After your hearing test the hearing professional will fit you with your tinnitus sound therapy treatment solution. Using our patent-pending multiflex tinnitus technology, the product generates a soothing, comfortable sound stimulus that is programmed for you based on your individual hearing test results. In most cases, this initial sound stimulus will deliver the appropriate relief for your unique tinnitus. Additionally, our innovative multiflex tinnitus sound therapy technology gives the hearing professional flexibility to fine-tune the tinnitus stimulus to your precise needs. If further refinement is needed, our innovative sound point tinnitus tool enables you to pinpoint your preferred sound settings, which your professional can program into your tinnitus sound therapy treatment solution. During the testing part of your evaluation, if it was found that you have hearing loss as well, this product can also provide amplification, which your hearing professional can customize for you. Within just a few hours total, you’ll be on your way with a small, discrete and comfortable tinnitus sound therapy treatment solution designed to soothe your tinnitus, take your mind off it, and deliver all day relief.
* Applicable to new patients 18 years of age or older.

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