Hearing Protection for Sportsmen and Hunters

As hunting season approaches, many hunters start thinking about what they will need for the upcoming season. Things like a new gun case, a goose call and topped-up ammunition cases may be on your list. But what about something to protect your hearing and prevent hearing loss? Didn’t think of that? You should.

For hunters, hearing is a vital component of the sport. It is used to locate game, connect with your hunting pack, or even to listen for road noise to find your way back to your vehicle.

If you’ve been hunting for some time and have never used any kind of hearing protection, you may already be suffering some hearing loss. Early treatment for hearing loss is critical, and there are steps you can take to prevent further damage to your hearing.

Hearing Loss For Hunters

The most common type of hearing loss for hunters is sensorineural hearing loss, which occurs when inner ear nerves are damaged, limiting the proper transmission of sound signals to the brain. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds, like the sound of a shotgun or rifle close to the ear, can cause this damage to the tiny hairs in your ear that transmit sounds, resulting in permanently damaged hearing.

It is important to know which sounds are causing hearing loss for hunters. The damage threshold for individual sounds starts at 140 dB, and prolonged exposure to 85 dB or louder can cause permanent hearing loss. And here’s the thing: Most hunters fire a small .22LR without any hearing protection. But that rifle hits you with 140 dB every time you pull the trigger. Think about all your guns, how many times you’ve pulled the trigger, and the damage they could be causing to your hearing. But don’t worry – there are solutions.

Hearing Protection That Still Lets You Hear

Earplugs or earmuffs can be used to muffle the sound reaching your ears, but keep in mind that in order to achieve maximum protection, the devices need to be a perfect, airtight fit.

Earmuffs have often been the hearing protection choice for sportsmen, but though they are effective at limiting gunshot noise, they also limit the sounds you want to hear when you’re hunting: the sound of a flush, or of an animal in the brush, or the leaves in the forest.

Now there are advanced solutions that protect your hearing without limiting your ability to hear. New earplugs now have electronic “noise-baffling” devices that allow you to keep up with the sounds you want to hear in your environment while protecting your hearing from gunshot blasts. They really provide the best of both worlds. We will make your earplugs with a custom fit for maximum comfort and protection. Schedule a free consultation with one of our certified audilogists today!

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