Cutting Edge Technology

Technology in the hearing industry is constantly evolving.

By using the most modern, state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to provide the most accurate testing, diagnosis and treatment solutions to effectively rehabilitate your hearing.

Testing & Diagnosis – Accuracy is Key

We use the most advanced diagnostic and verification equipment to test and diagnose hearing impairments.

Hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and other hearing disorders can have a variety of causes, and accurate diagnosis and testing are at the heart of prescribing the most effective solutions.

3D Laser Ear Impressions – Better Sound and Comfort

We’re proud to be the first audiology practice in the Washington, D.C. area to use 3D Digital Ear Scanning. This state-of-the-art technology safely, accurately, and comfortably captures the exact geometry of the ear to create custom-fit hearing solutions.

Lasers register over one million data points per ear to provide the most exact fit, resulting in unsurpassed comfort and sound quality. And no more messy silicone injections for ear impressions!

The system also allows for faster production and delivery times because it is a fully digital process.

Audiologist scanning a mans ear with a 3D digital ear scanner

Real Ear Measurement – Enhances Sound Quality

Real Ear Measurement is an important “best-practice” that only 20 to 30% of all audiology practices nationwide use. Real Ear Measurement verifies how well your hearing aids are performing while actually in your ears.

By placing a small microphone in the ear canal, our doctors of audiology can determine whether there are issues with your hearing aid’s performance, so we can reprogram them to more accurately balance important sounds.

The Best Manufacturers – Staying Ahead of The Game

Our hearing products come from the world’s most respected manufacturers and are backed by unparalleled service. Hearing aids with artificial intelligence (AI) offer a quantum leap forward in terms of sound quality, and invisible hearing aids fit right into your ear canal where no one can see them.

We offer hearing aids that stay in your ear canal for months at a time, and can be worn while showering, exercising, sleeping and talking on the phone – and there are no batteries to change, no daily maintenance required, and no daily insertion or removal.

Hearing aids with remote programming give you the convenience of upgrading your hearing aid prescription from anywhere (with internet access). It’s perfect for busy executives, snowbirds, and the elderly in nursing homes or with limited mobility…or anyone who wants to save time.

different hearing aid types

Beyond Technology – Our Experience Means Better Hearing

Having the latest technology working for you is a great start, but getting the best possible hearing also requires the years of experience and caring approach that our doctors provide.

Learn how our experience leads to better hearing outcomes

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