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Excellent Service


Dr Anzola and her team are excellent professionals, provide a high level quality service and are very nice people. I strongly recommend her office. For me 5 starts!!!!! Thanks a lot

Cesar F. – 01/05/2023

Superlative Job


Dr. Anzola and her helpers were very knowledgeable, very thorough, and very patient. The implementation of my new hearing aids was successful and has improved my daily interactions considerably.

Isaac W. – 11/21/2022

Deeply Appreciative


Dr. Anzola has been efficient, cordial, highly competent, and an excellent mentor to up and coming young audiologists. She simultaneously manages the office, oversees interns, and offers focused patient care.

David S. – 10/10/2022

Dr Travis Stehouwer


A rare exception indeed. On of the best audiologists you can trust will not overcharge you and play with your ears only to make more money. I am blessed to be Dr. Stehouwer new patient.

Roberto G. – 07/19/2022

Hearing Test


Hearing Doctors is the best Audiology practice I’ve ever been to!! Dr Anzola and her staff are experienced professionals, and have wonderful customer care!!! I highly recommend them!!!! AAAAAA+++++++

J C. – 11/24/2021

Amazing experience!


Great practice, wonderful doctor. I had been going to a different audiology practice for years and just didn’t know any better. My exam was more thorough. The staff is nice.

Tom W. – 12/14/2021

Patient Testimonials From Angi

Hearing Aids


Looking back, I have had a steadily deteriorating hearing for a number of years but I did not feel the urgency to have my hearing professionally checked. After I retired, my work as a volunteer required me to speak to a large groups of people in an auditorium-size room. I felt frustrated because I was not able to hear the questions audiences sitting in the back rows asked. I went to Accent and could not have a more satisfying experience.




I think Dr. Ana Anzola, and staff are wonderful. She and her staff are very, warm, patient and have pleasantly help me pick, receive, and adjust to the best hearing aids for me. She is VERY knowledgable in her field and has always been very patient with all my many questions. I believe we have picked hearing aids that fit me very well, meet my needs, and perform to my needs without over selling aids with features that I do not need.


Hearing Loss


I had a very good experience at McLean. Dr. Thorne was the audiologist assigned to me. She was outstanding in all respects. She evaluated my hearing loss, explained the hearing aid options available to me, arranged for me to purchase the hearing aids at a good price, and worked with me to become comfortable with the hearing aids. Throughout the process, she was very friendly, knowledgeable, professional, patient with all of my questions, and a good listener.  


Custom Molds


They made molds and ordered the plugs. When I got there to pick them up they made sure the fit was good and told me that if I had any problems I could return and they would redo them for me. They made sure I knew what I was doing before I left.


Pick, Receive, and Adjust


I think Dr. Ana Anzola, and staff are wonderful. She and her staff are very, warm, patient and have pleasantly help me pick, receive, and adjust to the best hearing aids for me.


Outstanding Care


The provider’s care was outstanding. From the first call to make an appointment, through the exam to the final cleaning and repair of the hearing aid, all of the members of Ascent were professional and courteous. Jennifer Little was exceptionally helpful.



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