5 Steps to Hearing Aid Success

Many people are excited to receive their new hearing aids. They want to be able to hear clearly again, and they know this is what will do it. But it doesn’t always happen right away. Your brain has probably been missing the high-frequency sounds around you for some time, and it needs a little while to get used to those sounds again. It takes time, commitment, a little knowledge and a lot of patience to adapt to your new hearing aids.

When you first get your hearing aids, wear them 8 to 10 hours per day to train your brain to get used to them. Listening to books on tape is a great way to practice hearing and understanding with your new hearing aids. The first few weeks can be tiring, so rest when you need to, then start again. But stick with it, because the payoff is huge.

As you are getting used to life with your new hearing aids, here are five important steps to help you transition into your new world of hearing.

A Woman being fitted with a hearing aid

1. Patience

When you first get your hearing aids you want them to work perfectly right away, like a new pair of eyeglasses. But for many patients it can be a process of adaptation and rehabilitation to regain lost sounds. Settings may need to be fine-tuned and readjusted (sometimes several times) as you get used to wearing your new hearing aids. Be patient and enjoy the process knowing that better hearing is on the way!

2. Staying Positive

Just the act of buying new hearing aids does not equal success. A positive attitude about the choice you’ve made to hear better is just as important as the device itself. Overcoming hearing loss requires hearing aids, but it also requires a willingness to learn and some determination to work on it. A positive attitude about getting hearing aids is a strong indication of success with your new hearing.

3. Education

Personal education about your hearing is the most important factor in overcoming hearing loss. The more you know about your own hearing loss and the treatments available, the more you can participate in your own treatment and adjusting to your hearing aids. Hearing requires all your senses as well as your brain – not just your ears. Educating yourself will help you use all of these functions together to better your hearing capability.

4. Realistic Expectations

Remember that hearing aids will help you hear much better, but they may not be able to help you hear perfectly. Your success with your hearing aids will require realistic expectations of what they will do for you. Remember that it takes practice and commitment to get used to using the hearing aids properly, so focus on getting better every day and give yourself at least six weeks to learn how to make them work best for you. (What to Expect From Your Hearing Aids)

5. Practice and Training

The most important thing to remember when you are getting used to your new hearing aids is that it takes time, practice and lots of patience. But soon enough, your brain will get used to your new capabilities, and you’ll be able to hear without thinking about it. Use the resources available to help adjust to your new hearing aids and rehabilitate your hearing.

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