Hearing Aid Repairs & Comprehensive Servicing at Hearing Doctors

At Hearing Doctors, we’re specialists in hearing health as well as experts in the art and science of hearing aid repairs and servicing. With over 25 years of expertise led by Dr. Ana Anzola, we’ve been a trustworthy resource in the Washington, DC metro community, consistently delivering superior hearing healthcare.

Wide Range of Hearing Aid Repairs

We understand that every hearing aid is unique, just like our patients. Our team is experienced in handling all brands, types, and models of hearing aids, ensuring that we can address any problem you might encounter. Whether you bought your hearing aids from us or from a different provider, irrespective of the device’s age or condition, we are equipped to restore its optimum functionality.

Quick and Efficient On-Site Repairs

For minor issues, our certified technicians are skilled at performing quick and efficient onsite repairs in our state-of-the-art offices. Using the latest diagnostic tools and technologies, we’re able to troubleshoot, identify, and resolve most common hearing aid problems swiftly and effectively, minimizing your time without your device.

A Man Carrying Out Repair and Maintenance on a Hearing Aid Device

Detailed Manufacturer Repairs and Warranty Service

In cases where your hearing aids require more complex repairs, or for issues covered under warranty, we take care of the entire process of returning your devices to the manufacturer.

Our detailed and thorough reporting ensures that the manufacturer is fully informed of the problem, enabling them to provide the necessary attention and repair services your hearing aids require.

After-Hours Emergency Service for Our Patients

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time. To accommodate those unexpected situations, we provide an after-hours emergency service for our existing patients.

Whether your hearing aids are lost, damaged, or malfunctioning unexpectedly, our dedicated team is ready to help with swift repair services or temporary replacements to ensure your hearing health never has to wait.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Superior Servicing

Our commitment to providing the best possible service extends to our use of advanced technology.

From 3D laser ear scanning for a precision fit to real ear measurement (REM) for optimal sound quality, we utilize the latest innovations to provide superior servicing for your hearing aids.

Long-Term Commitment to Your Hearing Health

At Hearing Doctors, the fitting of your hearing aids isn’t the finish line; it’s just the beginning. We understand that as your hearing changes over time, your hearing aids will need to be adjusted to maintain the best sound quality. That’s why we’re here for you throughout your hearing healthcare journey, ready to adjust, repair, and service your devices as needed.

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