Accessories for Hearing Aids & Hearing Loss

Hearing Aid Batteries

Batteries for Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids depend on fresh batteries in order for you to hear the world around you.

Not all hearing aid batteries are created equal. We stock the freshest, most reliable battery brands available. If you have any questions about your batteries, please call us at (703) 822-7328.

Dry Store Hearing Aid Protection Box

Dry & Store

Maintain peak performance, reduce repairs, and enjoy better sound quality with the Dry & Store®.

Removes moisture, dries earwax, and deodorizes your hearing instruments. Results may also include relief from itchy ears, longer battery life, and consistently fresh, clean hearing aids. Nightly use is recommended.

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TV Ears - Hearing Aid Accessory for listening to the Television

TV Ears

This TV listening system actively clarifies and amplifies speech and dialog while lowering background noise, helping you hear what’s going on.

No more rewinding parts of the movie or asking the person next to you what was just said. You’ll hear every word. It allows you to listen at your own volume without turning up the volume on the TV.

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