We are so happy that you have chosen to improve your hearing by taking the next step and getting hearing aids. You have made it past the toughest part: acknowledging your issue and then taking action to treat it.

Now that you are ready to get your hearing back, you must decide which hearing aid to choose. We are always happy to help with this procedure.

Since so many of us already shop at Costco, getting your hearing aids there would make sense at first glance. The convenience of being able to shop and improve your hearing is undoubtedly attractive.

You’re not the only one to inquire about Costco hearing products. We are starting to get more and more questions regarding them and their services.

Due to this rise in interest, we thought it prudent to thoroughly evaluate Costco hearing aids and service and compare them to ours.

In this article, we will be giving you an honest and up-front review on the difference between Costco-brand hearing aids and others that have been around longer. That way, you can feel confident knowing you made the right decision.

Keep This in Mind

Hearing Doctors is patient-centric, and our assessments evaluate the person as a whole, going beyond the ears. We provide full, comprehensive audiological exams that consider the patient’s existing medical conditions that may impact hearing loss.

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While others may offer you a short-term solution, we see you as a partner for life, and we enjoy watching you thrive. Before going into the key differences between these two approaches, we’ve prepared an informative graphic that highlights the differences at a glance:
Difference Costco vs. Hearing Doctors
Now, let’s further break down what differentiates Costco and Hearing Doctors.

#1—Costco Is an All-in-One Store, Whereas Hearing Doctors Is a Hearing Care Clinic


Costco is great for many things, and purchasing hearing aids seems to be one of them.

However, you may not receive a comprehensive hearing assessment before your purchase; instead, you will receive Costco’s free hearing test.

While it’s a great first step toward treating hearing loss, it is nowhere near as accurate and intelligent as the equipment we use to look into your hearing.

We start with an in-depth case study to learn about your medical history, the reasons for your visit, and your objectives. We then continue with an evaluation of the ear cavity using video otoscopy. If wax is present and blocking the eardrum, it is removed using the Earigator, an in-house cerumen removal system.

A cognitive assessment is then completed using Cognivue Thrive technology to assess your functional communication. Otoacoustic emissions testing is performed to evaluate the health of the hearing organ.

Tympanometry is performed to assess your middle ear health and impedance. Audiometry is limited to 250-8000 Hz. We also perform high-frequency audiometry up to 1600 Hz to fully assess your hearing and understanding abilities.

Our experienced doctors of audiology then consider all of your test results as well as the medical information gathered about your lifestyle, activities, and goals to produce a treatment recommendation.

#2—Warranty Issues


Costco has a favorable policy regarding loss and warranty. They offer three-year protection for loss and warranty.

We appreciate their effort, but we took it a step further. Our program provides a full repair warranty included on all hearing aid levels, not limited to normal wear and tear, and includes moisture damage, remakes, and up to a four-year warranty on top-end models.

#3—Method of Operations


As a locally owned and operated practice, we’re here in the community where our patients live and work.

Hearing healthcare isn’t just wearing a hearing device or a one-and-done transaction. Successful audiological and hearing treatment requires an ongoing relationship with your hearing healthcare provider. We supply continuous support and monitoring and provide essential adjustments as your hearing changes naturally over time.

Our After-Hours Emergency Service is available to you and non-patients in case of lost or malfunctioning hearing aids outside of our regular office hours.

#4—The “Cost”co of Doing Business


When it comes to price, Costco offers their cheapest solution starting at $1,599.99.

However, we offer a wide range of hearing aids from $800 to $6,420, and there are different levels of care packages to choose from, as patients’ individual needs vary.

This gives you the favor of choosing between invisible-in-canal, completely-in-canal, receiver-in-canal, and many other impressive devices.

While Costco may seem like a cheaper investment, it might not be the best option long term, as it cuts out the regular checkups and visits, which are key to the success of your hearing journey and make for a more comfortable and personal experience.

Another thing to remember is that Costco’s hearing aids often come locked, meaning that no other provider will be able to make adjustments.

At Hearing Doctors, we want to ensure that everyone has access to the care they need at a price they can afford.

We stay up-to-date on what all the hearing aid manufacturers are working on so we can offer you a service you’ll benefit from. Our long-term hearing care service will always ensure your needs are met.

#5—Qualified Professional Audiologists


The clinician’s ongoing advice, experience, and expertise play the most critical role in the outcomes and successes of anyone suffering from auditory disorders.

We specialize in long-term solutions (as opposed to Costco’s short-term focus) based on your objectives. As needs change over time, we’re here to address your updated needs and objectives. Accessibility and continuity are critical to your ongoing success with hearing.

Our doctors of audiology have helped to change the lives of many patients, and we have dealt with all kinds of hearing aid concerns. This makes us the most trained specialists to treat hearing loss here in Maryland and Virginia.

Costco does employ some audiologists, although a hearing aid specialist will most likely see you.

#6—Having Us on Your Side Is the First Step to Success


We specialize in all custom and non-custom products and dispense hearing solutions from the six top hearing aid manufacturers in the world.

Each device and manufacturer has its strengths and weaknesses, and different devices are better suited for different patients. Having ready access to all the available solutions allows us to recommend the absolute best solution for each patient’s unique needs.

Efficacy and efficiency are the most important aspects when choosing the proper hearing solution with end user ease of use. But the most important factor for optimal outcomes is working with an experienced hearing healthcare provider who listens carefully and asks solution-driven questions.

This is the art and science of hearing healthcare.

#7—Long-Term Care


Hearing aids are prescriptive and personalized and will need to be adjusted over time, as your hearing sensitivity may decline and your activities, power requirements, and personalized programs may change.

Our personalized solutions are offered via in-person appointments, residential visits, tele-audiology services, curbside appointments, and virtual or remote hearing aid programming.

We also support and serve our communities by providing hearing healthcare to over 136 retirement facilities.

Our Team Will Support Your Decision

If you or a loved one would like to know more about the differences between Costco and Hearing Doctors, we will help.

You can get in touch with an expert member of our team here.

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Dr. Ana Anzola, CCC-A, FAAA, ABA Principal

Dr. Anzola received her Doctorate degree in Audiology (AuD) from the Arizona School of Health Sciences, and her Master’s Degree in Audiology and her Bachelor's Degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology from Towson University. She has been a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) since 1995, board-certified by the American Board of Audiology (ABA), and certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).