What to Expect

…On Your Hearing Journey

You can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. From your warm, friendly welcome and through your entire treatment, you will be treated like a person with unique hearing needs that requires individual solutions based on your lifestyle and activities. We believe that the first step to improving your hearing is to listen to you.

What sets Hearing Doctors apart is our exceptional care and great service….You can expect a team of professionals who truly care about your hearing, who will work with you until you are completely delighted with your results. We’re with you the whole way, from your initial consultation, through your fitting, and fine tuning for optimal results. And we’ll be there for you as your hearing naturally changes over time and you need adjustments or upgrades. Throughout your hearing journey we’ll even report back to your family doctor to keep them up to date about your hearing health.

Your Consultation

Your consultation is your first step to better hearing. Here’s what you can expect.

different hearing aid types

Hearing Aid Selection

There are many types and styles of hearing aids. Your audiologist will help you choose the best solution for your unique needs.

5 Steps to Hearing Aid Success

Unlike eyeglasses, hearing aids take some adjustment. Here’s some valuable advice to help you adjust.

Ongoing Support

While you’re still adjusting to your hearing aids, your success is now up to you. See what you can do to keep improving your hearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of questions about your hearing health and hearing solutions.


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