Earmolds for Newscasters, Security & Government Employees

An earmold is a piece of soft material – made from plastic, Lucite or silicone – that is molded to fit into your ear and literally places the sound in your ear from a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid, monitor or remote source like for security personnel.

Because it will fit directly into your ear, getting the correct earmold is extremely important. The wrong fit or tubing of your earmold will not just be uncomfortable, but it will affect how well your device works.

It may take some trial and error to get your earmold to fit perfectly – you want to make sure it’s tight enough so that sound doesn’t leak out and cause feedback, but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable.

Security Guard wearing a custom earmold

Ear Impressions

The first step in getting the correct earmold is getting an ear impression – a cast of your ear. This impression will be used to make the earmold specific to the size and shape of your ear.

Tailored To Fit

Just getting the right size and shape isn’t all there is to it. Earmolds have to be made of the right material to be comfortable in your ear. Flexible earmolds don’t fit well in ears that have very soft cartilage – usually a more rigid material is chosen in these cases. Similarly, an ear with rigid cartilage is better suited for an earmold made from softer material. For kids, we mostly use soft molds, because they are more comfortable, and because kids are so active that the molds can flex a little as they run and jump.

Occlusion and Venting

Because earmolds go right into your ear, some people who wear them complain that their own voices sound too loud to them, because their ears are effectively blocked. This problem is easily managed with “venting” – strategically placed holes in the earmold, which can make a big difference in the sound. Your audiologist will work with you to place the vent in the right place, and make sure it is the right size, so it works for you.

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